Insert settings and license key on a different PC or laptop

Creating letterhead settings

In quite some occasions a key-user is responsible for making letterhead settings including letterhead sets (for more information: Fabreasy setup -> button [Advanced options] -> button [Help].

Please note: the letterhead files should be accessible by all users using the same path: X:\letterhead\letterhead.pdf
(where x:\letterhead is e.g. a location on the network)

Sharing the settings

When the key-user is done making the settings it is possible to save these settings using the export option: Fabreasy setup -> tab ‘About’ -> button [Export settings] -> file name e.g., FABREASY_SETTINGS.DAT

Manually these setting can be used by using [Import settings] in the same menu on another PC.

If you want these setting to be imported automatically this can be done using the following command:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\fabreasy\Fabreasy_ImpExp.exe” Import X:\letterhead\FABREASY_SETTINGS.DAT
(please note this is a single line command)

Inserting a license automatically

If you want to enter license using a command, you could do this using the following command:

cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\fabreasy”
Fabreasy_utility.exe C:\fabreasy\license.txt

Assuming the file ‘license.txt’ contains the relevant license data as provided.

A real life scenario

A company having multiple employees using stand-alone laptops wanted to distribute their settings and license key on the local laptops. The following method was applied.

All PDF letterhead files were stored on the local PC e.g.


All setting were made using the letterhead files accessible via the local folder.

Export the settings: Fabreasy setup -> tab ‘About’ -> button [Export settings] -> file name c:\fabreasy\SETTINGS.DAT

The license file was stored in the same folder

Enter command lines into a script e.g. insert_settings.cmd


“C:\Program Files (x86)\fabreasy\Fabreasy_ImpExp.exe” Import C:\fabreasy\settings.dat
cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\fabreasy”
Fabreasy_utility.exe C:\fabreasy\license.txt

Please install Fabreasy PDF Creator first on the local machine and start the script next (C:\fabreasy\insert_settings.cmd).